Cloud Computing

"Using clouds is a radical way of consuming IT." - Werner Vogels

"There are emotional barriers to giving up some level of control over the servers that you are running"

Migrating TelStrong's customers to the cloud requires a well-planned strategy that ensures a smooth transition while minimizing disruptions. Here is a phased approach to consider for a successful cloud migration:

Phase 1: Assessment and Planning

  • Evaluate current infrastructure and define migration goals.
  • Create a comprehensive migration plan.

Phase 2: Proof of Concept

  • Conduct a small-scale pilot migration.
  • Test the chosen cloud platform and gather feedback.

Phase 3: Data Migration

  • Prioritize data migration based on criticality.
  • Ensure data integrity and security during migration.

Phase 4: Application Migration

  • Migrate applications based on the plan.
  • Optimize applications for cloud environments.

Phase 5: Deployment and Validation

  • Deploy migrated applications in the cloud.
  • Conduct thorough testing and validate performance.

Phase 6: User Adoption and Training

  • Provide training and support for users.
  • Foster user adoption and address concerns.

Phase 7: Optimization and Continuous Improvement

  • Monitor and optimize the cloud environment.
  • Review and enhance the cloud architecture over time.

Our phased approach is customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, considering their applications, infrastructure, and business goals. Regular communication, collaboration, and flexibility are key to a successful cloud migration journey.