Another Widespread Hosted VoIP Outage

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Peter Svensson of AP reports that AT&T’s U-verse hosted VoIP customers were without telephone service for about 4 hours on Tuesday 2/25. Support personnel were telling customers that a server crash brought down U-Verse Voice in AT&T's entire 22-state local-phone service area. U-Verse Internet and TV services weren't affected by the Voice outage. While it’s assumed that the majority of the customers were home based consumers, it is hard to tell how many business were affected. This only goes to demonstrate that while any service can be disrupted, the larger the group of people experiencing the outage, the more difficult the problem can be to isolate and fix.  In contrast, premise based equipment is installed at the customer’s site and can be serviced and supported locally.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 27 May 2010 15:30